Screnock Seeks Seat On State Supreme Court

Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock believes he has the experience to be a good justice for the State Supreme Court. He says to put it simply the role of the justices is for them to be arbiters of the law, but not policy analysts or political activists. He says, “It is important to me that our court when it does its work simply follows the rule of law and what I mean by that is the role of a justice or the justices on our court is to interpret and apply the law as it is written, not based on the justices’ personal or political beliefs, but based on the statutes and the constitution” Screnock doesn’t agree with his opponent Milwaukee County Justice Rebecca Dallet who feels the state’s Supreme Court is broken. He says, “She has said that it is broken, she has said that it is bought and paid for, she said that it is beholding to special interests and in doing so she has talked about only two cases and she has ignored the host of cases where those same interests that she identified as special interests have lost at the Supreme Court and have not prevailed.” Screnock feels he has more broad experience in both the public and private sectors of law than Dallet. Voters decide the State Supreme Court race next Tuesday.  

Screnock Interview with KFIZ.