Search Ended for Missing Man in Plymouth

Plymouth police have ended the search for a man presumed to
be missing in the Mullet River. 63-year-old Kevan McClintock was last seen at a
bar in downtown Plymouth around 12:30 Thursday morning when he went to check on
his dog in a car. The dog ran off and jumped into the river, and police believe
McClintock went in after it. The dog was later found by a friend, but McClintock
remained missing. A search of the river was started Thursday afternoon by the
Plymouth Police and Fire Departments, the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office Drone
Team and a Wisconsin National Guard Helicopter. Water rescue teams searched the
river, the banks and other areas McClintock might have been carried by the
river, but he has not been found. Officials say continuing the search in areas
where the river is wider and deeper could compromise the safety of search and
rescue teams. Officers say they’ll continue to use the information they have
and any new information to try and locate the missing man