Sebert’s Performance Evaluated By FDL School Board

Fond du Lac Schools
Superintendent Jim Sebert got his mid-year performance review from the School
Board Monday night. It was done in closed session. Sebert is in his ninth year
as superintendent. He says, “We’re all trying to do the same work
in different parts of the state and I am proud of the work we are doing in Fond du Lac. I think we
are on a very good path and we’re doing the right work and we just need to stay
the course.” Sebert feels it is an honor to be a Fond du Lac native and be able to lead the
district. Sebert last evening also gave the board an update on some of the work
they will be doing at future meetings, which includes an introduction to the
District Facility Study. He says, “That’s exciting and some of the work we
will be able to start to think about because of that as well as some of our
continuous improvement work that is going to replace our strategic plan. So it
is going to be a busy spring in the Fond
du Lac
School District
It is going to be exciting stuff.”