Second Sex Offender Release In Brownsville Disapproved

A second sex offender released to a residence in Brownsville is being sent back to the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center. A Dodge County judge Tuesday decided to send 29-year-old Jonathan Miller back to the treatment facility. Sheriff Dale Schmidt testified last month when a judge decided 57-year-old Robert Larson should be sent back to Sand Ridge. He says this time he didn’t need to testify.He says the judge was adamant from the get go that he wasn’t happy with how everything went down.  Both Larson and Miller were living at a residence in Brownsville within several hundred feet of residence where two younger children live. Their placement there sparked controversy. Schmidt says ultimately Larson and Miller will both be placed somewhere in the County. Schmidt says both sex offenders abided by rules set by the Department of Health Services for their release while they were living at the Brownsville residence. They were released there on June 1st.