Second Woman Testifies About Affair With FDL Murder Victim

The 39-year-old Fond du Lac woman standing trial for her husband’s murder knew about his extramarital affairs. Friday another woman Tim Nance had an affair with testified about their relationship and her encounters with Eve Nance. Kimberly Bebow said she met Tim Nance on the job and they began seeing each other in the summer of 2013. She said the two of them slept together in the Nance home that August and Eve Nance discovered them there. Bebow said she made a hasty retreat from the home apologizing to Eve. After Tim Nance went missing police urged Bebow to call Eve Nance and see what she knew. Bebow again apologized to Eve Nance saying Tim had told her the two were getting a divorce. Bebow also testified about a confrontation at a Cousin’s Subs restaurant. She said she and Tim Nance went in to the restaurant to have a meal and an angry Eve Nance showed up. Eve and Tim Nance took their argument outside. Bebow also said she was supposed to have dinner with Nance on November 1st of 2013, but he never showed up. That’s the day Eve Nance allegedly shot and killed him.