Security Checkpoint at City/County Government Center Still on Pace to Open This Spring

The new security checkpoint at the Fond du Lac City/County Government Center is on still track to begin operation this spring. County Executive Allen Buechel told us in a recent interview that the Sheriff’s Office is currently training three deputies that will provide staffing for the checkpoint on the north side of the building. That 14-week training period will wrap up by late April, with checkpoint expected to be fully operational by the first or second week of May. Buechel says he and City Manager Joe Moore met last week to discuss where funding is at for things that still need to be funded – including additional cameras, additional monitors and wiring to make everything operational. “The cost has gone up a bit, but it makes sense to have it all, and if we can’t afford it as part of the installation, it’s always another project we can do later,” he said. Once the checkpoint is operational, the north entrance to the building will be the only public access point to the building.