Security Checkpoint at FDL City/County Government Center Will Start in August

The new security checkpoint at the Fond du Lac City-County
Government Center is set to go live within the next few weeks. County Executive
Allen Buechel says some final touches are being put in place, but the official
launch date for the checkpoint is coming soon. “The contractor was finishing
some of the wiring of the door readers,” Buechel said. “We know that will be
done by the first week in August – so August 5th is the date – that is
the final date that the city and the county and the sheriff’s office have
decided ‘this is when we will go live’.” The new setup will make the north
entrance to the building off of Second Street the only public access point to
the building. All visitors will be asked to place their bags through an x-ray
machine and walk through a metal detector before being allowed to enter.
Employees in the building will soon have their own employee entrance(s) and
will scan-in via a key card or ID badge.