Security Upgrades at City/County Government Center Include Increased Staffing for FDL Sheriff’s Office

Security upgrades at the Fond du Lac City/County Government
Center are more than just added duties for the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s
Office – it means a chance to expand out their services for court security the
department provides. Sheriff’s Captain Bill Tadych says in the past, security was
provided mainly by just one officer. “For six courtrooms, basically you have one
deputy bouncing in-between and they ran their tails off – they were trying to
be in three places at once at times,” Tadych said. “We supplemented with
patrol, with our supervisors, with our detective bureau, so this really gives
us a good chance to focus on some of the duties that we are responsible for,
those other entities.”

Tadych adds that the additional freedom is thanks to
increased staffing that came as part of the security upgrades. Three new patrol
deputies were hired as part of the changes, with the most senior deputies that
had been providing courthouse security moved into roles staffing the new
checkpoint at the government center. Tadych says more staff means more presence
in the building. “We’ll always have for sure, one person at the screening
station, the majority of times, two,” Tadych said. “There will be somebody upstairs,
if not two, and then we’ll have a floater that can fill in in those other gaps,”
he said. The new checkpoint and security procedures at the government center continue
to progress toward being fully operational.