Selection Of Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee Postponed

The Fond du Lac City Council last night voted unanimously to postpone their decision about how to select a Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee until their July 9th meeting. But first City Manager Joe Moore had to explain why the Council was even taking a look at possible development after a couple of City residents again accused Moore of doing something shady. Moore explained that as part of the City Manager’s evaluation the Council wanted to do some planning for Lakeside Park and several members wanted to discuss development at the park. As for committee selection Councilwoman Catherine Block suggested drawing names out of a hat since any selection the Council would do would be perceived as biased. Councilwoman Karyn Merkel suggested having the Advisory Park Board pick 9 people. Block is a member of that board. The remaining six Council members would then pick the remaining six committee members. After some discussion the Council decided not to rush their decision and postpone selection until the next meeting. Moore informed the Council one thing they will have to do is pass a resolution creating the committee.