Sen. Feyen on Transportation Funding in Budget Process

As the state budget process continues at the Capitol, the conversation continues across the state on several key areas. One of those areas is transportation, where Governor Evers has proposed an eight cent a gallon tax increase on fuel as part of his state budget. State Senator Dan Feyen says he’s been getting some pushback on that proposal at recent listening sessions around the area. “We’re getting mixed reviews on how to approach transportation,” Feyen said. “Some people are all in favor of additional funding for transportation, but don’t raise my tax. So we have to figure out how to get more money in there, but we’re also taking a look at if we do put more money in, is it going to get spent in the wisest way possible.”

Feyen adds that if more money ends up being put in the transportation budget, he wants to see more money go back to the local level over the major transportation projects in the state. “We’ve got plenty of money going into that, I do believe. I’d like to see it get back down to the cities, towns, villages and the counties as well,” Feyen said. “Townships have over 50-percent of the road miles in the state of Wisconsin, but they get the smallest portion of funding.”