Senate Passes Bipartisan COVID-19 Relief Package

The Wisconsin State Senate unanimously passed AB 1038 on Wednesday. The bipartisan legislation, was put into motion with direction by leadership from both parties in both houses, and was designed to address the many issues residents of Wisconsin are facing due to COVID-19. Senator Dan Feyen (R) of Fond du Lac said, in a press release, that “We have been working hard in the legislature. Maintaining contact with state and local officials, business leaders, and constituents to determine how we can provide the most impactful relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

The bill will provide immediate assistance to those who have lost their jobs by eliminating the one week waiting period for unemployment insurance. It also maximizes over $3 billion from the federal aid packages, including injecting $300 million into Medicaid to help combat the virus. Feyen said the bill will provide assistance where it is needed most, in  the workforce, the healthcare system, schools, and the economy. The bill now heads to Governor Evers desk for approval.