Senator Feyen Attends School Safety Bill Signing

State Senator Dan Feyen of Fond du Lac was present when Governor Walker signed a $100 million school safety plan into law at a Kaukauna elementary school Monday. The bill will provide funding for a new grant program for security upgrades to school buildings and for other eligible costs. Feyen says some school districts in the 18th State Senate District built security upgrades into their recent referendums so not all districts need security upgrades. “Every school district is different. Some of them have done these school security upgrades as opposed to some other ones.” Feyen said. “Fond du Lac High School’s needs are a lot different that what Oshkosh needs or Omro or Oakfield or somewhere else in the state so we wanted them to apply for this money and then use it the best way they see fit.” Democrats criticized the legislation for not limiting access to guns, but Feyen says this is about making access to schools for those who would do harm harder to come by. “We need to focus on hardening our targets like we did after 9-11 with out airports. Right now our airports we all go there we go through stringent security. We go through multiple checks before we get on an airplane. We all deal with it we go about it with our daily lives.” Feyen said. Among those present for the bill signing were fourth graders that attend the elementary school in Kaukauna where the signing was held