Senator Johnson Participates In Small Business Event At Kwik Trip

Senator Ron Johnson joined employees, customers and business owners at a Kwik Trip store in Oshkosh this past week to participate in a nationwide initiative by the National Association of Convenience Stores offering members of Congress an up-close look at the small businesses that make up the convenience store industry. 


“There are a number of issues that really affect these types of businesses, things like credit card fraud. This is a location that’s starting to pump compressed natural gas, and I’m glad to see how that’s starting to grow. It’s important that people like me, representing the state, understand these issues,” Johnson said. “We’re trying to make Wisconsin — we’re trying to make America — a more attractive place for the kind of business risk-taking and business investment expansion that provides those good paying jobs, that builds a strong middle class.”


Sen. Johnson toured the Kwik Trip store, discussed issues important to the business and the community, and spent time serving customers from behind the counter after receiving “clerk training” from current employees. Johnson also reflected on his own time years ago as a clerk. “I started my career in a Walgreens, first as a dishwasher, then as a soda jerk and fry cook. So I’ve done the old cash registers before you had all the fancy touch screens.”