Senior Center Scam Calls

Another scam is targeting elderly residents right here in Fond du Lac County. Senior Center Director Cathy Loomans tells us she just heard about the scam – which spoofs the organization’s phone number and offers a few deals that are too good to be true. 

Loomans tells us “they said they were from the senior center or with the senior center, and then they tried to sell final expense insurance. So I want everyone to rest assured that we do not give out phone numbers for anyone that comes to the center or that we associate with – and that at no point will you ever be solicited  for something like this from the Senior Center.”

Loomans adds that asking the caller specific questions about the people they are working with at the Senior Center should help identify scammers. She says “if someone says they are representing the Senior Center, ask ‘who are you working with?’ If they can’t give you my name or somebody associated with the city or the Friends organization, yeah no. And don’t be afraid to call us and ask if it’s legit.”

Loomans has shared the information on the Senior Center Facebook page, and asks everyone to “please share that, just to get the word out. Because I want people to understand that it is not legit. Please don’t fall for it, don’t entertain these people and let them meet with you or try and sell you anything. It really infuriates me.”