Separate Trials Separate Judges For FDL Murder Suspects

The two Fond du Lac men suspected of killing 30-year-old Logan Foster will be tried separately. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney couldn’t comment specifically on the case, but says issues can arise when you try two people involved in a crime in one trial. He says, “There can be hurdles when you have two defendants together, there can be benefits to doing it as well. Sometimes even if we tried to put two defendants on the same criminal complaint the defense might try to sever those and have two separate trials.” He feels in some circumstances it is better to try co-defendants in separate trials. He says, “There become different rulings as far as what evidence can be admissible what somebody said because sometimes it can only be used against one person and not two of them. So sometimes it’s better off to have things separated and it can just become a smoother process.” Devon Neuman and Jesse Schultz are accused of shooting Foster to death. Their cases are being handled by two different judges.