Services To Be Held Memorial Day In The Holyland

It will be far from a
normal Memorial Day this year, at least not normal in the way we are used to
celebrating. But the American Legion Firing Squad from Abler-Engel Post 454
based out of Mt. Calvary is looking to do all they can to
remember those veterans who gave their all. The Firing Squad will pay respect
and conduct ceremonies at a number of Holyland cemeteries on Memorial Day, beginning
at 7:00 a.m. at the St. Charles
located on
County Trunk UU. The Squad will visit a total of 10 cemeteries in all,
finishing up at 11:30 a.m. at Lakeside
Cemetery in the Town of Calumet. The services
will be held at each cemetery rain or shine and the public is invited, and
encouraged, to attend. The list of cemeteries and times are as follows:

• 7:00 AM St Charles Cemetery, County Trunk UU

• 7:30 AM at St Peter’s Cemetery in St Peter 

• 8:00 AM at St John the Baptist Cemetery in  Johnsburg 

• 8:30 AM at Holy Cross Cemetery in Mt Calvary 

• 9:00 AM at St Michael Cemetery in Dotyville 

• 9:30 AM at St Johns Cemetery, W2273 Cedar Road,     South of Dotyville 

• 10:00 AM at St Mary’s Cemetery Eden, Hwy 45 North

• 10:30 AM at Town of Forest Cemetery, Poplar Rd         Northwest of Dotyville 

• 11:00 AM AM at St Paul’s Church Cemetery, St Paul’s Rd, I mile east of W, south of HH 

• 11:30 AM at Lakeside Cemetery Town of Calumet, 4 tenths of a mile west of Cedar Lodge. W3072
Artesia Beach Road