Several Hundred Attend Meeting About Placement Of Sex Offender In Eldorado

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink staged a preemptive meeting in the Town of Eldorado in an effort to get a Milwaukee County judge to decide against placing a violent sex offender in the town. He and District Attorney Eric Toney urged the more than 200 residents that attended Monday night’s meeting to write letters to the judge deciding on the placement of 51-year-old Clint Rhymes. Fink said they might be able to make a difference. Toney says they had a couple of objectives in calling the meeting. He said they are hoping Rhymes won’t be placed in the County and they hope with so many people showing up for the meeting it would spark state legislators to do something about the loopholes in the state’s violent sex offender statute also know as Chapter 980. State Senator Rick Gudex told the gathering he and State Representative Michael Schraa would try and do something with the law regarding the placement of sex offenders, but town residents needed to be proactive first. The Town Board Monday also approved an ordinance that would only allow the placement of sex offenders in town who had ties to the County. Information on the case and where to send the letter are on the Sheriff’s website.

Eldorado Residents Fear Sex Offender Placement

The fear about the possible placement of a violent sex offender from Milwaukee County in the Town of Eldorado is real. Several hundred people attended a meeting Monday night at the Eldorado Community Center hosted by Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink. A veteran who lives next to the property where 51-year-old Clint Rhymes would be placed says Milwaukee County shouldn’t be able to ship their problems to another County and in particular Eldorado. He says it’s disgusting and another County’s judge shouldn’t be able to send their garbage elsewhere. A woman in the crowd told the Sheriff her daughter didn’t feel safe and wanted bars put on her bedroom window. Another woman at the gathering runs a daycare out of her home. The Eldorado Marsh is behind her property and she’s worried if Rhymes had access to the marsh he could slip on her property and attack her or the kids she oversees. Yet another person attending the meeting said they had heard kids discussing the issue at the North Fond du Lac High School and they wanted the Sheriff to know that they had his back.