Several Things Went Wrong At Dodge County Fatal Accident Scene

Several things went wrong in the death of a Good Samaritan who stopped at the scene of traffic accident on Highway 151 in Dodge County. Thirty-seven-year-old Kayla Davis of Beaver Dam was struck and killed by a pickup truck after parking her SUV in the left lane of traffic to render aid. She was standing on the shoulder of the median when she was hit. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says 28-year-old Troy Kelm of Beaver Dam didn’t have a lot of options because of the heavy traffic in the right lane. He swerved around her vehicle and hit her where she was standing. Two people including Davis were parked in the left lane with their four-way flashers going, which would have been hard to see at that time of the morning. In addition it is believed that Kelm was under the influence of drugs, but toxicology results are pending and investigators haven’t concluded their investigation. Schmidt says for now Kelm is charged with operating while under the influence and if they charge him with homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle they have to have enough proof. The accident happened on Thursday, August 17th about 5:16 in the morning when it was still dark.