Sex Offender Placement In Eldorado Generating Controversy

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink says he may have no legal standing to prevent placement of a violent sex offender from Milwaukee County in the Town of Eldorado, but that doesn’t prevent town residents from voicing their objection. A Milwaukee County judge on December 16th will decide whether 51-year-old Clint Rhymes should be placed in Fond du Lac County. Fink will host a meeting at the town hall Monday night to let residents know what’s going on. Fink says what lit his candle is a Milwaukee City alderman testified before the judge he didn’t want him in his district but they have no problem sending him to Eldorado. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says the only notice he got was from Fink. He says normally a sex offender is placed in their county of residence or where they were convicted. He says Fond du Lac County is basically the dumping ground for Milwaukee right now because of all the ordinances Milwaukee has in place restricting placement of those offenders. He says they are worried there will be more sent to the county. Fink hopes the controversy will catch the attention of state legislators and generate a discussion on placement of sex offenders. Rhymes was convicted of sexual assault and attempted homicide in Milwaukee County in 1988. Monday night’s meeting is at 6 p.m.