Sexual Harassment Not Uncommon

Two local experts on domestic violence and sexual assault recently talked about sexual harassment on KFIZ’s the Morning Show with Bob Hoffmaster. Angel Gilbertson says the different forms of sexual harassment are verbal, written, touching, power, and force. Celebrity use of sexual harassment that recently came to light frequently involved the use of power to get what they want through the threat of retaliation. Tiffany Parker of Agnesian HealthCare’s Domestic Violence Services says if you don’t let the other person know you don’t want that type of attention it could be a problem if things go to court. The person harassing you could then claim they didn’t know. Those who would like to know more can call ASTOP at (920) 926-5395 or Agnesian HealthCare’s Domestic Violence Services at (920) 926-4207. They are both located at 21 South Marr Street in Fond du Lac.