Sheriff And DA Talk About Sex Offender Decision

A successful effort to get a Milwaukee County sex offender placed somewhere other than the Town of Eldorado involved a lot of individuals. Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink says he and District Attorney Eric Attorney may have been out front, but there were a number of others who had a role. He says most of the media, not including KFIZ, missed how important it was that the Town Board passed an ordinance that said they would only accept their own sex offenders. Fink says he was proud to stand in front of over 200 people at the Eldorado Community Center on December 7th knowing how many people were supporting the effort. He says County Executive Al Buechel, DA Eric Toney, County Corporation Counsel Meggin McNamara, Town Chairman Gary Miller and town people all functioned together. Toney says the other piece now is to get the State Legislature to fix some of the flaws in the State’s Chapter 980 violent sex offender statute. Toney says he and the sheriff both have been getting calls and emails thanking them for their efforts, but the people who should be thanked are the town board and everybody who wrote letters to the judge. He says they made the difference.