Sheriff Mick Fink Seeks Third Term

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink says despite what his opponent in the August primary says there is no divide between his department and the Fond du Lac Police Department. Police Detective Bill Ledger believes there is and said so when he talked with KFIZ. Fink says the departments are like different branches of the service, each proud of their officers and what they do. Fink says he supported Eric Toney in the last District Attorney’s race because he felt then DA Dan Kaminsky had lost the public’s trust. As for drug enforcement he says the last K9 with the Sheriff’s Department could no longer ride comfortably in a squad even if the department paid for surgery. He also says it would cost nearly $750,000 to pay for the 5 handlers and 5 dogs needed to provide the kinds of service needed. Fink says they do have a deputy that is involved in the drug court and drug diversion programs, something no other department can say. Fink says it’s a big department to run and there are a lot of people who work for it so you have to have the right demeanor to oversee it.