Sheriff’s Dash Cam Video Shows Three Vehicle Collision On Interstate 41

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputies were working an enforcement detail on Interstate 41 south of Fond du Lac Sunday night when three vehicles collided right near them. A dash-cam video showing the accident has more than 26,000 views on the Sheriff’s Facebook page. During a traffic stop two deputies were searching a vehicle on the side of the highway for drugs after a K9 indicated there was some in the car. Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt explains what happened. He says, “The first car that comes zipping by on video collides or rear-ends the car in front of it. And then the second car comes zipping by and rear-ends the two that had just impacted from the first crash.  So you will see it is actually a three-car chain reaction crash.” He notes it’s a double-edged sword for them because they get a lot of complaints about reckless driving and speeding on I-41 and they were trying to do something about that during the enforcement effort. He says, “Then when we got out there and really try to make a difference we have an opportunity to do a saturation patrol assign a lot of deputies to this stretch of highway and then they are out there doing their job and trying to keep that highway safe and keep things under control out there and this crash happens right next to them.” All three of the vehicles involved in the accident had to be towed from the scene.