Sheriff’s Deputies Find A House Full Of Felines in FDL County

Local authorities were tipped off in regards to a homeowner with an overabundance of felines, and the health issues they may be causing an 18-month old that visits there. 

FDL County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched shortly after 9:20 a.m. Tuesday morning to 7 Manor Hill Dr. in Eden, where an anonymous caller reported numerous animals were located in the house. When deputies arrived, they found at least 20 cats residing in a very small room, along with a very strong odor of urine and ammonia coming from the house. 

Deputies also found a number of dogs in the house, along with a dead dog in a plastic bag in the backyard, and a number of small kittens that had died, and were being stored in a freezer. Authorities were able to make contact with the 48-year old home owner, who did agree to relinquish the care of the cats to the Oshkosh Humane Society. The incident remains under investigation.