Show Your Support In Blue

A member of the Fond du Lac Police and Fire Commission is asking residents to show their support for law enforcement officers through the use of blue ribbons. Marty Ryan says the death of State Trooper Trevor Casper in a shootout with a bank robbery suspect in Fond du Lac Tuesday was a tragic thing. He says we need to show our appreciation to Trooper Casper’s family and law enforcement officers for being the thin blue line that protects the public. The City saw a lot of blue ribbons four years ago when Fond du Lac Police Officer Craig Birkholz was shot and killed during a standoff. Ryan is suggesting using them again. Ryan says serving on the Police and Fire Commission the last year and a half he’s come to better appreciate the service of our police and fire departments.

A make shift memorial near the site where Trooper Casper was fatally shot. 

One of the many signs in Fond du Lac showing support.