Simple Safety Reminders as Gun Deer Season Continues

Gun-deer season is well underway here in Wisconsin – but even halfway into the
season, it’s important to remember to be safe out in the woods. Sergeant Jeff
Bonack with the Fond du Lac
Sheriff’s Office
points out that a lot of things have changed over the years, and with more
public land – means more people in your area. 

Bonack recalls that “years ago
you got permission from a farmer on private property, and he owned hundreds of
acres. Over the years, you saw farms broke up, and now there’s 20, 30, 40, 50
acre parcels, so that increases the number of people hunting in close proximity
to you – and you need to be very aware of that.”

Bonack, who is a big bow hunter – also says the gun season is a little
different than bow season. 

He explains that “with the
gun season, there’s a little more stress, there’s shooting around you and
there’s a lot of people moving. You’ve got to be on your game more. You
certainly have to be very, very aware of where – if you shoot at a deer –
what’s beyond that deer. With a rifle, those projectiles will go a long way.”

Bonack also emphasized the rules around wearing blaze orange – or blaze pink – while out in the woods. 
He tells us that “
whatever you wear above your waist
has to be blaze orange, fifty-percent of your body, your hat has to be blaze
orange. A few years ago they added the blaze pink and you’ll see gals out there
wearing that pink – and that is legal.”

The gun-deer season runs through this upcoming Sunday.