Sinister Threat Closes Beaver Dam Schools

Beaver Dam schools were closed Friday because of what officials say was a “sinister” threat toward students, staff and the school. At a press conference Police Chief John Kreuziger said that a school administrator contacted authorities reporting that he received several threats via email that made specific threats, referencing a gun, explosives and the intent to hurt students and staff. He says the threat specifically referenced fifth period on Friday with the intent to harm students. Two high school students were interviewed and the chief says they will continue to be the focus of their investigation. Authorities are seeking a third student who lives out of state but is connected to the threats. Beaver Dam School Superintendent Steve Vessey says the safety of students, staff and community members is a top priority and classes and related school events will not be held until law enforcement indicates that all threats have been eliminated.  Vessey says they hope to resume school Monday.