Sirens Will Not Sound Simultaneously In County

Outdoor warning sirens in Fond du Lac County will no longer simultaneously sound when there is a tornado warning anywhere in Fond du Lac County, but instead will individually sound if the tornado warning is in the direct area of the siren. That information was issued in a press release by FDL County Director of Communications and Emergency Management, Bobbie Hicken. 

The sirens will only be activated for tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service and will only activate if within the area identified in the warning. Outdoor warning sirens are meant to advise you of a tornado warning, but cannot provide specific information regarding the warning. “When someone hears an outdoor warning siren, they should immediate seek shelter and seek information from a reputable source such as phone apps, tv or radio”, according to Hicken. 

Everyone is strongly encouraged to have multiple ways to receive weather alerts and should not rely on one notification process. NOAA weather radios, phone apps, tv and radio media are just some of the ways to receive weather notifications. Outdoor warning sirens are not intended to be heard inside buildings and do not cover all areas of the county. 

For this reason, they should not be relied upon as a primary source of information. Because of this new process, it is possible for a siren to activate multiple times during a tornado warning. There is never an all-clear activation in Fond du Lac County, so if you hear the sirens multiple times, it means there is still a tornado warning in the area.