Sitton Burger To Be Featured At A & W This Season

Fond du Lac, Wis.‐ A&W®, known for hometown goodness since 1919, is
proud to announce that 9‐year veteran offensive lineman and 3‐time Pro‐Bowler, Josh Sitton, will
be the new name, face and number for A&W Restaurants in Wisconsin this upcoming football
Josh created the new Sitton Burger based on a burger he used to make in high school. It is so
delicious, that A&W decided to make it available every day of the week during the NFL football
season. To help Green and Gold Enthusiasts get excited about their team, A&W is showing their
team spirit by offering the new Sitton Burger for ½ price every Monday.
“I worked at burger place when I was in high school and the Sitton Burger is exactly like the one I
would make for myself,” Sitton said. “My burger has two big beef patties, sharp cheddar cheese,
grilled onions, pickles with mayo and ketchup on a toasted bun…it’s absolutely delicious.”
“This is a great opportunity for our A&W franchise,” said Jim Brajdic, “Josh is following in the
footsteps of the other great players we’ve worked with and his new, Sitton Burger tastes great. I
know Josh loves our A&W burgers and freshly made A&W Root Beer.”
“I feel honored to be asked to partner with A&W. They have great burgers and anything that I
endorse, I really have to enjoy,” said Sitton. “And I can tell you this, I love their Root Beer and I
especially love their burgers.”
The new A&W Sitton Burger will be available on September 1st. The Sitton Burger will become a
regular menu item at Wisconsin A&W Restaurants for the entire NFL season, including the playoffs
and Superbowl, if the team makes it that far. Each A&W franchise will individually price the
Sitton Burger, but all participating restaurants will offer the Sitton Burger at ½ price every
Monday during the season.
In addition to Josh creating his own burger, the new partnership includes A&W being able to use
Sitton as spokesperson. A&W is planning TV and radio commercials, digital advertising,
newspaper coupons, autographed merchandise, Facebook and the sponsorship even includes a
Josh sponsored Twitter account, @Josh Plays 4 AW. The twitter account is active during each and
every game for fans that like to tweet during the game.