Six Drunk Drivers Arrested During Enforcement Effort In FDL County

Law enforcement agencies in Fond du Lac County issued 21 citations, 11 warnings and arrested six drunk drivers during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says they got the word out they would be looking for drunk and impaired drivers, but some people didn’t get the message.“They’re still out there and that is why we are out there enforcing those laws and again we target weekends like this where we know there is going to be parties and heavier drinking than normal and try to saturate and try to get the word out of what we are going to be watching for and saturate our highways with deputies and officers throughout the County.” Waldschmit said. He adds that success would be to have no drunk drivers out there, but they were able to get six drivers off the road that might be a danger to others.