Skiff Updates Residents, Advisory Park Board On Master Plan

The Lakeside Park Master
Plan was approved, in principle, months ago by the Fond du Lac City Council. The plans called
for the rehab of the Pavilion building to start shortly after Walleye Weekend. City
of Fond du Lac Public Works Director
Jordan Skiff
updated the public and the Advisory Park
Board Monday evening at their monthly meeting. And while most agree that a
renovation of the Pavilion is a good thing, other pieces to the Lakeside Park
Master Plan are not being met with open arms. 

A major sticking point appears to
be with the proposed multi-purpose building which is tentatively planned to be
located in the current Lighthouse circle area. The plans call for a meeting
area, an exhibit area, restrooms and, if approved, a restaurant operated by a
private entity. Betty Trent of Fond du
, told KFIZ news that she’s not in favor it. She thinks having a restaurant within Lakeside Park will prove detrimental to other restaurants near the Park. Jane Puddy Riccio also told KFIZ News that she has a simple message for the City Council. “Leave the Lighthouse area alone. Expand food trucks, put a skating rink on Oven Island, expand the Pavilion, leave the rest alone. Call it a day.”

While it
appears the final plans on what will or won’t be at Lakeside Park are months
from being done, it’s obvious the discussions on what people want and don’t
want, will continue for months as well.