Slow Monday Start To Final Week Of Sturgeon Season

It was a slow weekday start to the final days of the 2020 Sturgeon Season. There were only 30 lake sturgeon harvested from the Winnebago System today with 23 coming from Lake Winnebago and 7 from the Upriver Lakes. 

Stockbridge Harbor led the way with 7 fish registered followed by Jim and Linda’s with 6 and Payne’s Point and Wendt’s each with 5 fish registered. For the Upriver Lakes there were 5 fish registered at Critter’s and 2 fish at Indian Point. An in-depth breakdown of today’s harvest is available through the following link:

Day 10 Harvest Report.pdf

The largest fish registered on Lake Winnebago today was 93.1 pounds, 70.8 inches and registered at Wendt’s by Lucas Muche. The largest fish from the Upriver Lakes was 53.3 pounds, 61.0 inches and registered at Critter’s by Alice Suttner.