Smoking Garbage Can At Gas Station Result Of Meth Lab Materials

A man rummaging through a trash barrel at a Fond du Lac convenience store for aluminum cans got more than he bargained for. He found a two liter bottle with white powder inside of it. He got some of the powder in his eyes and went to the hospital. Meanwhile the bottle in the trash can started smoking. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says they suspect the bottle was what is termed a one-hit meth lab that someone had tossed in the trash. He says it was handled like a hazardous materials call. Klein says it was a dangerous situation. He says the chemicals used to make methamphetamine are combustible and throwing them out near a gas pump was dangerous. The call at the AP Quick Mart on Scott Street was just before 12:30 Friday morning. Both Fond du Lac Police and Fire responded.  Police used their robot on the call.

Firefighters prepare for the call.