Smoking Material Causes Mother’s Day Porch Fire In Fond du Lac

Improperly discarded smoking materials appears to be the cause, yet again, of a Sunday morning fire in Fond du Lac.

FDL Fire Rescue was called out Sunday May 8, 2022, just before 10:30 a.m. for a report of a fire at a residence on West Scott St. 

Initial reports stated the fire was located on the porch.

Upon arrival, Fire Rescue personnel reported residents were actively trying to extinguish the fire, with firemen finally eliminating the blaze completely, but not before causing damage to a large portion of the porch.

Fire investigators determined the fire started from the improper discarding of smoking materials in the front of the porch. Had this fire not been detected by a passing motorist, the outcome could have been much more devastating to the occupants of the residence.

FDL Police Department assisted with scene management and traffic control.

The cause of the fire was the same as numerous other fires over the past two weeks, which are completely preventable.  The only safe way to discard smoking materials is in an appropriate fire-proof receptacle.