SMSA Wins Flyway Conference Academic Bowl

Students at St. Mary’s Springs Academy High School recently participated in the Flyway Conference Academic Bowl and were named Champions. Students participated in various events in multiple areas of study.

Individual medals include:


Max Schmitz – 1st place Algebra I

Dohyun Kim – 1st place Algebra II

Brady Sarauer – 1st place World History

Spencer Starks – 1st place U.S. History

Ryan Mas – 1st place American Government

John Welsch – 1st place General Science

Luke Walber – 1st place Biology

Emily Loehr – 2nd place Chemistry

Molly Kluever – 1st place Short stories/poetry

Matt Skiff – 2nd place Physics

Libby Gamache – 2nd place British Literature and Shakespeare

Chris Anderson – 2nd place – Advanced Math




Floor: Luke Walber, Max Schmitz, Mark Austin, Ryan Mas, Dohyun Kim

First row: Todd Petrie, Libby Gamache, Taryn Immel, Molly Kleuver, Emily Loehr, Gabe Ogle, Lizzi Leichtle, Matt Land, Chris Anderson, Matt Skiff, Alexandra Schrieber, Tom Ktichen

Back Row: Dominic Vanderscheuren, Kurt Mueller, John Welsch, Alex Palmer, Austin Feyen, Spencer Starks, Brady Sarauer, and Andrew Skiff