Snowmobile Route In Ripon Altered

Representatives from Fond du Lac County and the Silver Creek Sno-Odders Snowmobile Club went before the Ripon Common Council this week to ask for permission to alter a snowmobile trail. An Agricultural firm from Indiana recently purchased a property the trail cuts through and wanted to charge the club for access to its land. “So they are asking for money to allow them to use their property for the trail and the club said if we did that with every property owner they would have no funds in their budget to groom the trails orput signage and things like that.” City Administrator Lori Rich says the Council had no objections to altering the trail. She says, “So they asked the City if the trail could go coming into the City from the west, go up Meade Street across private property like they always used then come across the north side of Murray Park and then back onto the school district property.” The snowmobile trail in question was for Corridor 30.