Social Media/Archiving Policy Resolution On City Council Agenda

Fond du Lac City Council is set to meet tomorrow (4/14) and will discuss Resolution 8933, centered around creating a social media amd archiving policy for elected officials.

The item was previously brought up for discussion at the March 24 meeting, led by City Attorney Deb Hoffmann. City council members are not required to have a social media or Facebook page under the policy, but if they choose to discuss City business or issues on social media, they will need to use a City social media account or Facebook page in order to archive the online material, in order to make that information available in requested under public records law.

Council is also set to recognize outgoing President Brian Kolstad, and council members Dan Degner and Alicia Hans. Degner was defeated last week in the city council race, and Hans chose not to run for re-election.