Social Media Site Used To Make Threat On NFDL High School


North Fond du Lac Police worked quickly over the weekend to learn the identity of a high school student who made a threat on a social media site against the school. The 15-year-old Fond du Lac boy identified himself on Snapchat as a new student who warned others not to come to school Monday. The warning said, “there’s just some kids and teachers that gotta get what they deserve.” Students and parents who received the messages contacted school district officials and police.  Police Chief Darren Pautsch says although the student used a fake account on Snapchat they were able to identify him. They did that through the phone number and IP address used to set up the account. Police took him into custody before school Monday and turned him over to juvenile secure detention. Charges referred against him include making terrorist threats and unlawful use of computerized communication systems. Several police officers worked on the case including school resource officer Shawn Hendrixm also Officer Jacob Egan and Officer Jeremiah Hansen who tracked down the phone number and IP address. The boy told investigators the message was sent to a friend as a prank.

A North Fond du Lac high school student is in trouble for making a threat on Snapchat over the weekend. North Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says it was a general threat about the safety of people at Horace Mann High School. He says he worked with High School Principal Samantha Freimund and North Fond du Lac Police, who were able to learn a 15-year-old Fond du Lac boy made the threat. The student was taken into custody. Sadoff says they don’t tolerate threats on the safety of students or school staff. A Fond du Lac High School student recently used Snapchat for a post that was also perceived as a possible threat.