Social Media Threat Towards FDL HS Leads to Increased Police Presence


Quite a few parents pulled their kids out of the Fond du Lac High School today after a social media post made a threat about a potential shooting happening there. High School Principal Matt Steinbarth says he was made aware of the threat shortly after 7 a.m. Steinbarth says “I had a student come into my office showing me a Snapchat from another student or from somebody that had said there was a potential shooting that was going to happen at Fond du Lac High School today. Then about the same time I also got an email from a parent stating that their child also had the same thing.” Steinbarth notified district officials and a recorded voice message was sent out to parents via the district’s mass notification Sky Alert system. “We thought it would be in the best interest of all the students and the safety of everyone to give parents the choice of keeping their child at school with an increased police presence or if they felt more comfortable calling them out of school for the day obviously we want parents to make that choice and do what is in the best interest of their child.” District officials are working with police to find the source of the threat. Steinbarth says with the climate and some of the other things that have happened nationally they want to keep their kids safe and take threats seriously.

The threat of a
possible shooting at Fond du Lac High School
 has led to an
increased police presence today. Fond du Lac High School 
Principal Matt Steinbarth
sent out a recorded voice message to parents just after 7:30 this morning about
the threat, which said that the school was “aware of a social media post
regarding a possible shooting at Fond du Lac High School
Steinbarth added that the school is working with law enforcement to find the
origin of the post. Fond du Lac
 Police said in a statement on Twitter that there has “not been any type of incident
or action” at the school and that they have an increased police presence at
the school to protect students and staff. KFIZ will have more on this story as
it develops.