Social Security Scam Continues to Appear in Wisconsin, Around the Nation

It’s a scam that continues to plague not just Wisconsin,
but the entire nation – the Social Security Scam. That scam topped the list of
the most complaints into the State Consumer Protection Bureau for the month of
June, and director Michelle Reinen says the scammers are doing everything they
can to get your money. “These scam artists are calling and making themselves
look-like, feel-like, act-like they are the Social Security Administration,” Reinen
said. “They claim that there is a problem with your social security account,
and that your number has been used in a crime – and therefore they are going to
do a deactivation unless you can do verification.”  

Reinen says in most cases the scammers’ goal is to get you
to send money – often times via gift cards – to clear your name of any wrongdoing.
She adds that the SSA will not call you about your benefits, or any other
matter, and that you can’t always trust your caller ID, as these scammers often
“spoof” the number of a real government agency to make the call seem more

The Fond du Lac Police Department says they have taken a
few reports locally where someone has called threatening arrest if they are not
provided with a money order or gift card number. Their advice is simply to hang
up and not give any information to the caller.