Some Romaine Lettuce Safe to Eat as FDA Narrows Investigation

  1. US health officials are reporting that it is fine to begin
    eating some romaine lettuce again – but you should check the label before

  2. The FDA investigation is narrowing its scope, after last week
    saying people should not eat any kind of romaine lettuce due to an E. coli
    outbreak. The agency now says romaine recently harvested in Arizona,
    Florida, Mexico,
    and California’s Imperial
    is OK to eat – because that lettuce was not yet shipping
    when the illnesses began. 

  3. The romaine of concern appears to have come from the California Central Coast

  4. The produce industry is planning to start putting harvest dates and
    regions on labels. For any romaine that doesn’t come in packaging, retailers
    are being asked to post that information in the store.