Source Of FDL Oil Slick Undetermined

Booms were used this week on the Fond du Lac River to stop an oil slick and collect the oil. Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue Division Chief Troy Haase says some of the booms were used to slow down the flow of the water while others were used to absorb the slick. He says people at Mr. Marine in the 500 block of Water Street noticed the slick and reported it. Assistant Fire Chief Erick Gerritson worked to find out the source of the slick, which was traced back to Johnson Street. Haase says they were not able to definitively determine the source, but did what they could to clean it up. He says the DNR also helped investigate. He says the oil could have collected in the storm sewer and was washed out by heavy rains. Haase says people shouldn’t allow oil to run into a storm sewer when they are changing oil in their vehicles because it doesn’t all go to the treatment plant before it goes into the rivers and then Lake Winnebago. (Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue photo).