Special Session Not Likely To Go As Planned, Says Thiesfeldt

Governor Tony Evers has set a date for a special legislative session to discuss the state’s unemployment program. Evers signed an executive order on Wednesday setting that special session for January 19th. He made the announcement about the session during his State of the State address on Tuesday, saying that revamping the system needs to happen “as soon as possible”. 

Meanwhile, Republican State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt tells KFIZ News he’s unsure if that session will actually happen like the governor wants it to.   

It’s nice that he wants to do it now, but he’s had plenty of opportunity to do this for months and months and months, so I guess I would be surprised if we actually have these special sessions. I don’t know that anybody really sees the need for it. The need for it was awhile back and he didn’t make that move at that point in time for whatever reason.”

Republican lawmakers have gaveled in and then gaveled out of the last several special sessions called by the Governor – it’s unclear if that will happen again this time.