Speed, Seat Belt Grants Were Productive Time for FDL County Sheriff’s Office, Law Enforcement.

A Fond du Lac County law enforcement task force recently wrapped up what officials say was a “very productive” enforcement campaign focused on speeding and seat belt use.

Lieutenant Eric Halbach from the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office explains that the task force was awarded 75-thousand dollars for seat belt enforcement, and 70-thousand dollars for speed enforcement, with officers working special duty throughout the grant year on these areas.

“Between the two grants, we had over 38-hundred traffic stops, and out of that we had over 27-hundred citations that were issued,” Halbach said. “The vast majority of those were speed citations – we had over 18-hundred speed citations – but we had over 170 citations that included people who didn’t have a license, over 70 citations for vehicle registrations – and it goes on and on, the productivity that they did this year was quite amazing.”

Halbach explains their main goal is not to write tickets, but for voluntary compliance – for people to drive safely and wear their seatbelts. The grant year ran from October 1st to September 30th.