SSM Health Featured In Documentary, Film

Throughout the pandemic, SSM Health has experienced numerous challenges and witnessed the strength found within its community. This week, the health system has a unique opportunity to share, with its broader community, the story of SSM Health and its incredible team members in a powerful documentary called Behind the Mask. Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas narrates the film.

A 60-minute version of the documentary aired on NBC-TV affiliate stations in Green Bay (WACY32), Madison (NBC15), Milwaukee (TMJ4), St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Jefferson City, and Paducah. The film also will be featured on SSM Health internal and external websites.

Behind the Mask features some extraordinary stories of courage, resilience and sacrifice that have occurred across our healing ministry throughout the past 18 months. 

“The documentary calls all of us to remember those we’ve lost and those who are still suffering,” said SSM Health President and CEO Laura S. Kaiser. “Most importantly, these stories remind us to join our hearts in gratitude for one another, and all those who walk with us in this journey.”

The greater Fond du Lac area was one of the first in Wisconsin to begin care for individuals with COVID-19. That meant staff had to be innovative and charter uncertain waters.

“We are so very proud of our dedicated team who stepped up early in this pandemic when very little was known about the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to Katherine Vergos. St. Agnes Hospital President. “From the very start, we collaborated with our partners at the Fond du Lac County Health Department bringing forward innovative ways to address this crisis. Our caregivers stepped up to plate and continue to do so today.”

Behind the Mask honors SSM Health’s heroic team members who are following in the footsteps of its five founding sisters who arrived in St. Louis nearly 150 years ago, initially serving amid a devastating smallpox epidemic. The SSM Health team has carried their perseverance, dedication and compassion forward to the present day by caring for more than 80,000 people with COVID-19, while simultaneously bringing hope and healing to countless others.