Staffing For Secure Entrance Not Currently In FDL County 2018 Budget

Although money is not currently being included in Fond du Lac City and County Budgets for 2018 for a secure entrance on the north side of the City-County Government Center that doesn’t mean it isn’t a priority. County Executive Al Buechel delivered his annual budget presentation to the County Board this week. He says he and City Manager Joe Moore are concerned about the security giving as an example a case involving the Marathon County Courthouse where a man went before he shot and killed four people. Buechel says he and Moore will develop a plan first before they decide how the building will be locked down and how they will use staffed security. Buechel is recommending the County use sales tax revenue to pay for staffing at the secure entrance. As for the County’s overall budget $1.7 million in unassigned general fund reserve from surpluses in the 2016 budget will help balance the 2018 budget. The proposed tax levy is $43.7 million or a little over $1 million more than for 2017. The proposed tax rate will be $6.07 compared to $6.10 for 2017.

County Executive Al Buechel’s Budget Address