“Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive Being Held Saturday

The 27th-annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive
will take place this Saturday as mail carriers across the country will be
collecting donations to support their local food pantries. Aaron LeDuc is a
mail carrier in Fond du Lac, and is the local coordinator for the food drive in
the area. He tells us that all of your donations stay in the local area. “All the food goes to the local food pantries, 100% of your
donation goes there,” LeDuc said. “Those pantries in town are Broken Bread, the
Church of Peace, the Fondy Food Pantry, the Salvation Army Food Pantry, and the
Solutions Center, so your donations are greatly appreciated
.” There is a
slight change to the drive this year, as you won’t be seeing bags show up in
your mailbox to place your donations in. “We’re asking area residents to use
their own plastic or paper bags and fill it up with non-perishable food items
so that way carriers and our volunteers can pick them up for you,” LeDuc said.

Volunteers will be going out Saturday morning to start
collecting the donations – and will make a second round later in the day to
make sure all the food has been picked up. The food drive collected 71.6
million pounds of food across the country last year, and over the past 26 years
of the drive, 1.6 billion pounds have been collected.