State AG Says Constitutional Carry Law For State Would Be Reasonable

State Attorney General Brad Schimel says he supports the move to make Wisconsin a constitutional carry state. Schimel told KFIZ news Wisconsin didn’t turn in to the “Wild West” after it adopted a concealed carry law. He says there would be no drastic change if the state joined others who don’t require a license for people who carry concealed firearms. He says it is a reasonable legislative choice to offer constitutional carry. He says the bill was thought out well by leaving in place some of the permitting options. He says gun owners would still need to take some training and get permits to carry concealed weapons in other states they visit or do business in. Schimel says the proposed legislation might open up a battle area over gun rights. But he feels if it’s passed it won’t change things much. State Senator Dan Feyen says the legislation is still waiting for a hearing.