State AG Supports Marsys Law

Wisconsin State Attorney General Brad Schimel is one of those
supporting an effort to change the State Constitution to give crime victims
more rights. It’s part of a nationwide effort known as “Marsy’s Law.” Marsy was
a woman killed by her boyfriend. Schimel told KFIZ News Marsy’s mother and
brother were coming out of a store after visiting her grave site when they ran
into her killer not knowing he had even been released from custody. It was
after that they got backing from a wealthy philanthropist to start the effort.
Schimel says it is an effort to keep victims better informed of what is
happening in their cases and give them more say in the process. He says right
now the only time victims really can be heard is during sentencing. He says
“Marsy’s Law” would change that. He says they would also be heard during a bail
hearing. Schimel says victims should have the right to be heard during any
critical time in the court process. Last week was National Crime Victims’
Rights Week.