State Assembly Passes Black History Month Resolution, Kaepernick’s Name Removed

(Wisconsin Radio Network)

A Black History Month resolution almost failed to pass the
state Assembly on Tuesday. Speaker Robin Vos said Republicans felt compelled to
write their own resolution because they didn’t like the version by the
Legislature’s Black Caucus.
 “We are trying
to find people that bring us together, not look at people who would draw some
sort of vitriol from either side, that’s not the goal. It’s to try to say we’re
in a new era, we’re trying to find ways to work together,” Vos said.

White Republicans were apparently triggered by inclusion of
Colin Kaepernick’s name on the resolution. Democrat Jonathan Brostoff of
Milwaukee, who is white, called them out. “This is not about you guys. This is
not about you. And if you don’t like Colin Kaepernick and you don’t want him to
be on there, you can simply vote against it. But that’s not what happened,”
Brostoff said.

In the end, the chamber voted unanimously to approve a
resolution with Kaepernick’s name deleted. Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee,
and lived in Fond du Lac for a period of time as a child before his family
moved to California.